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Church Balustrades


For an unusual addition to a room or to combine within a space to form staircase furniture, these gothic revival oak church balustrades are a beautiful feature. There are two matching balustrades available which can be purchased as singles for £195 each or the pair are priced at £350. The balustrades have been reclaimed from a church altar and are in excellent condition although the date is unknown. Carved organic pattern details can be seen on the front arches only. Robinscroft Interiors have polished and restored the surface quality of these items which now look impressive. These items are extremely heavy. Please enquire if you have an interest in this furniture, we are happy to assist with transportation. In addition, these items may be a useful rental for an event requiring ecclesiastical props for a formal presentation to adorn a stage or room setting. Dimensions: H: 85cm, L/W: 250cm, D: 15cm.