Kitchen Island Work Bench

Kitchen Island Work Bench

SKU: TT3137

A beautiful industrial find which has been reconditioned to create an exciting new item for the modern kitchen. A repurposed draftsman cutting table made from a solid oak frame with an aluminium bed. The metal surface has been cleaned and sealed with a lacquer finish to create a wipe clean, sterile surface suitable for the kitchen environment. There are original brass ruler details around the edges of the flat bed. Two stainless steel rails have been repositioned on one long side and one short side of the bench which were originally mounted against the ruler edges to aid cutting. These rails have been refinished and repositioned to give hanging rail space for culinary items or towels. The bench has original details including labels and screw fixings. The lower undershelf offer a huge advantage for easy and tidy storage.

Made by Stephenson Blake and Co Ltd 33 Aldersgate SI London in association with Letter Foundry Sheffield for all the metal elements originally dating back to the turn of the century. This old work bench with all of its characterful features is now ready to become a statement piece in a kitchen space. Dimensions: H: 85cm, W/L: 126cm, D: 96cm, H of low shelf: 47cm.

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