Simplex Compartment Tall Waterfall Bookcase

SKU: TT3514

A tall 5-tier sectional Simplex 'Medium Oak' stacking legal library waterfall style bookcase. A compartment style cabinet bookcase with glass sliding doors. Labelled ‘Library Specialists Medium Oak Shade’. Five separate stacking tiers. Bottom tier has wooden panel sliding doors. The second- tier compartment also has wooden panel sliding doors and houses four sectional, fixed, document pigeon holes. The upper three compartments have glass sliding doors all original with the fifth top tier housing one adjustable height wooden shelf. Dimensions: Max Unit H: 212.5cm, Max Unit W: 91.5cm, Max Unit D: 35.5cm. Bottom Base Tier: H: 54cm, D: 35.5cm. 2nd Tier: H: 40cm, D: 35.5cm. 3rd Tier: H: 38cm, D: 27.5cm. 4th Tier: H: 32cm, D: 27.5cm. 5th Tier: H: 46cm, D: 22cm.

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